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As a subsidiary of Green Machine Computers Ltd, we proudly offer the exclusive deal of receiving 5% off on your next laptop purchase when you donate an old or unwanted laptop to our HQ in Ramsbury, Wiltshire.



Donate an old or unwanted laptop

Do you have an old laptop or two that could either be responsibly recycled or donated to a deserving school or charity? If so, then bring it to the address found here, so it can go through our very secure processes of data destruction and more before being reused. This is all you have to do to receive 5% off on your next order!


Receive a personal coupon in your email

When donating your devices, we will collect relevant information for GDPR - With your permission, we will then send a coupon code, unique to you, to the email address provided.

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5% off your next laptop purchase

Simply enter the coupon at the cart page, and receive 5% off your order!

Terms & Conditions

One coupon code permitted per customer, meaning that in donating multiple laptops (possibly on multiple occasions) one coupon may be received, unless else mentioned.

The donated laptop does not have to power on and does not require a functioning charger, though these would be preferred to strengthen the ability to donate the laptop to a school or charity in need.

The laptop does not have to be erased of data before being donated to us, since our streamlined 'booking-in' process involves separating storage devices from their host machines, then securely erasing the data in accordance with our ISO 27001 certification.

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