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01672 520113

Units 5 & 6 Whittonditch Works, Whittonditch, Ramsbury, SN8 2XB

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is your ethos?
    Here at Tech4Sale, we are committed to saving the environment, one device at a time. In partnership with Green Machine Computers, we want to do our part in saving the Earth by refurbishing and selling unwanted tech.
  • What do your partners do?
    Tech4Sale is partnered with Green Machine Computers Ltd and The Tech Hub charity. Green machine Computers are committed to saving the environment by recycling and upcycling unwanted or unused tech. Members of the public can donate any pieces of electrical equipment that they would like to make riddance of, and Green Machine will ensure that any customer data is removed from the device, then either recycle, upcycle, or donate it through The Tech Hub, who are taking a strong stance against digital poverty.
  • Can I view products in-person?
    Yes! Give Green Machine Computers a call on 01672 520133 and ask if you can view the specific laptop that you would be interested in buying, and a member of our team will arrange a time to meet you.
  • Can you put Microsoft Office on a computer?
    Yes, we can install and activate Microsoft Office on your computer upon request, for a fixed additional price. Call Green Machine Computers at 01672 520133 for the current pricing.
  • What version of Windows will be installed?
    We install either Windows 10 or 11 on every single one of our stock machines, unless otherwise specified. You can call Green Machine Computers at 01672 520133 to enquire about what version is installed on a specific device, and if you would like the alternative option installed then you may request that as well.
  • Where are your refurbished stock from?
    All of our refurbished stock is either donated to us by caring members of public, or from where we have collected e-waste from another organisation to improve their CSR. We also securely erase any form of data from the product.
  • What is WEEE?
    WEEE stands for Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment. WEEE waste is rapidly becoming an issue across the globe; with improperly-disposed devices ending up in landfill where they leak chemicals and poison the ecosystem. We all have a responsibility to dispose of our electronics in a way that is least disruptive to the environment. Our reliance on technology has produced a whole new waste stream – one that is growing 3 times faster than the rate of the human population The UK is one of the world’s largest producers of e-waste; ranking 5th in terms of material discarded per person (with each individual discarding the equivalent of 34 iPads). Despite the large quantity of e-waste that the UK produces, only 12.5% of this waste is getting adequately recycled.
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